Despite the best efforts that one puts into their web search engine optimization, at the end of the day the one question that will always remain is ‘what can be done better to improve search engine optimization?’ This is not necessarily because anything was missed or that the Dallas SEO designer or web developer or content author did something incorrect; but is because the web and the competition on it change daily.

Why Use SEO Analyzer Tools

SEO analyzer tools complete key tasks that would simply be too labor intensive to complete by hand. Historical tracking of page performance, visitor tracking, page load times, search engine results page monitoring and keyword performance; with SEO analyzer tools, many of these critical knowledge points are available with the click of a button. To attempt to complete such tasks manually simply would not be economically viable.

Optimizing Search Engine Optimization

Of course the real plus to using SEO analyzers is the ability to answer the questions that are never completely answered. Are the keywords and phrases still functioning optimally? Are they continuing to drive traffic to the site? Do they need to be adjusted or changed completely? Is the site continuing to stay abreast of demographic changes? Is the site still competitive?

Search engine optimization analyzers are able to provide the answers to these questions on a daily basis (if desired) by leveraging the vast libraries of the internet and comparing it against one’s website.

Choosing An SEO Analyzer

Before jumping into purchasing an SEO analyzer program or services however, it’s recommended that one gain a bit of experience and exposure. A good starting point is to simply try out the many free SEO analyzer programs already widely available.

  • The Reaction Engine – For a free tool, this is very useful and easy to use. Simply enter the URL of the page to analyze and then include one or more keywords that the page is targeting. The tool returns an overall grade of the page along with summary information broken down into segments which include general suggestions.
  • Spyder Mate – An account with the site must be created before one is permitted to use their SEO analyzer tool, however the account is free. This analyzer provides the user with the ability to scan multiple pages (within the same site) in one pass. Results are displayed in tabbed pages and include overall website stats, keyword comparisons, grade for each page and targeted keyword results including ranked weight potential revenue values and current average CPC.
  • Pear Analytics – No account required, this site offers a bit of a mix of the above two. It provides general overview information but does not look at keyword usage. Instead this tool focuses on whether or not the general guidelines of a quality website are being met. This of course is still advantageous and the tool provides a 19-point report.

Free SEO Analyzers Versus Paid

It must be noted that there is often a considerable difference between the amount of tools and options available within free SEO Analyzer programs or services and ones that are purchased. Starting out with free SEO Analyzers however allows one to become aware of what is available as well as what is and is not useful (in the eyes of the user).

Once comfortable, choosing a paid service becomes easier because the initial ‘honeymoon period’ is over and focus on actual value added options is clearer; avoid becoming impressed and paying for something that’s already available for free.

SEO Analyzers and Search Engine Optimization

Regardless of the purpose of the website or page, the goal is to create and maintain the best SEO web search engine optimization possible. Using SEO analyzers makes this task easier by placing critical information at one’s fingertips. Changes made to a site’s search engine marketing can be tracked and monitored in real-time thus leveraging considerable advantages in one’s favor.

As always, keep in mind that these are simply tools and will not make for a better website or page on their own. Focus on creating quality content, using these SEO tools to perfect the approach.

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