Trying to purchase a home for mom is different and more detailed than purchasing for anyone else. This home must not only suit mom, but it must be a place where mom’s pets are happy too. When looking for that beautiful home keep things in mind such as, kitchen, front porch and garden area. For Dallas investment properties¬†you can take a look at property of Texas website.¬†Mothers are older and maybe mom will walk a little slower, so area and accessibility are prime considerations.

Selecting a Realtor for the Purchase of a Beautiful Home

There are thousands of Realtors available in this buyer’s market and a new homeowner must be very careful in choosing the correct agent or Realtor. A Realtor is a member of the Board of Realtors. An agent has passed the state exam and has a license to sell and buy homes.

Look for an experienced Realtor who is not very busy. A listing agent is a good choice, as this type of Realtor has learned how to cater to their client’s every need. An agent who specializes in listings should be respected in the community and not as desperate for business when compared to a brand new agent with no clients.

Any Realtor who pressures the buyer too much should be dropped immediately. Buyers don’t have to pay upfront fees or money out of pocket, so switching agents is not a big deal. Explain to the agent upfront what is expected and the things that are specifically desired.

Amenities to Shop for in Buying a Home for Mom

Each home purchase is different, but cater the amenities of the home with what mom would want. Things to consider would be:

  • Large kitchen with a huge window overlooking the back yard. Kitchens overlooking the front yard are less desirable.
  • Baths with tubs and or Jacuzzi.
  • Gardens and lovely curb appeal.
  • Close location to churches, shopping and bus stops.
  • Central air conditioning.
  • Newer condition – less repairs.

One of the first things mothers will want to see is the kitchen. An out of date kitchen will bring the desirability of the home down. Many older moms will stay away from things like pools, which require lots of maintenance, work and are costly to maintain.

Timing of the Sale of the Home to Close in Time for Mother’s Day

In order to plan the closing of the home exactly as planned, all financing must be in order. If paying cash this will alleviate many problems. If financing the home, allowing adequate time to close the transaction is necessary. There is noting wrong in closing the home early and leaving it vacant for a few weeks while the family plans the surprise.

Locating the perfect home is what will take the longest so start shopping for the beautiful home months in advance. Plan on closing the deal two weeks prior to Mother’s Day and so allow at least 45 days for the financing to be approved. With some careful planning, a seasoned Realtor and lots of luck, mom can be in that beautiful home on Mother’s Day.

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